Hooksett High School Issue: Is Bow an option?

Personally I am going to be faced with sending my sons to a high school or private school in four years. Many people have voiced opinions and the SAU has sent out a questionnaire to get consensus.

The fact remains, “we are still in analysis paralysis.” I have been approached by some fellow citizens about the idea of negotiating with Bow. Does District #1 have an opinion on this idea? Give me your thoughts on the High School question.

About Todd Lizotte

Mr. Lizotte is an entrepreneur and businessman in southern New Hampshire who volunteers within his community to help charitable causes, town government and the local schools. He has been newly elected to the Hooksett Town Council to represent people of District One.
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2 Responses to Hooksett High School Issue: Is Bow an option?

  1. Steve Couture says:

    Councilor Lizotte,

    Hooksett’s leaders should always be looking at alternatives and making sure they achieving what is best for its residents. Talking with Pinkerton and/or Bow is the right thing to do. I applaud you for looking at options.

    Steve Couture

    • Todd Lizotte says:

      Hello Steve,

      Thanks for the support. The reality is there are a bunch of people who are keeping me posted; so I can’t say I have been on the leading edge alone. And in reality, I hope we can develop up a group that can attend the next school board meeting. I believe June 7th is the next school board meeting. If people would speak at public input, there might be an opportunity to push the agenda to investigate further or develop an exploratory discussion with the two parties. As it stands, the school board is negotiating with Manchester … which is fine, but why not develop more options. http://hooksett.k12.nh.us/schoolboard.html

      Best regards,

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